VAT is a form of an indirect tax. That is added to the value of all goods (Imported, Supplied, Manufactured Services). VAT is a liable to be deposited at the treasury by the person who Manufactured, Imported, Supplied and Service provided having collected the amount from the consumer.  6D Solution are those helping hand who will assure that your business is complying with all VAT related laws and regulation. VAT & SD at 2012, VAT at 1991, VAT & SD rules 2016 are the lows that govern and regulate the payment and procedure of the VAT. We provide the VAT consultancy to any organization.

Clients satisfaction is our first priority. We remain hundred percent faithful and trust worthily to our clients. We try to understand client business and work closely with them. To provide tailor made VAT advise that results in the most effective and efficient discharge of VAT liability our clients from the beginning we emphasize transference as we believe is the core foundation of great client relationship.

Now a days outsourcing is a most popular issue in business sector, it has to way benefits. One is you will get quality service from professional firm and second benefit is reducing cost. Small business enterprise cannot recruit fulltime professional staff because of high cost but there is an opportunity to outsource the service from professional VAT consultant. We working as an outsourcing personal for professional VAT consultancy.

VAT Accounting

We conduct VAT accounting and monitor documentation handling on behalf of our clients. Maintaining an appropriate account of your VAT payment is of enormous importance since it is often seen that most of the irregularities and litigations arise out of VAT audits that are carried out by different authorities. Advice and preparation of query replies, official documentation handling, and support for obtaining clearances and approval orders from certain authorities also is available.

VAT Planning& Strategy

Planning ahead of ventures/projects will ensure identification and avoidance of VAT pitfalls, along with establishing VAT efficient methods. It is always easier to identify potential problems from VAT perspective before a project commences so that appropriate measures can be taken to overcome any VAT issues.

After completion of the planning and laying out strategies, we review contractual arrangements and other project documentation to ensure that it complies with the VAT legislation and rules and block VAT exposures.

VAT Appeals

We have vast experience in representing clients before VAT Tribunals, the Hon’ble High Court Division and Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh and have achieved unmatched success in appeals against penalties and various liability orders imposed by Customs and VAT Authorities. Our aim is to try to reach agreement with the authorities before a Hearing takes place but this may not always be possible. Clients who have benefitted from our advice have saved substantial amounts of VAT.

Appeals can take several months. Our understanding of Tribunal procedures means that we can look after your appeal whilst you continue to look after your business.

VAT Investigations

It is stressful and perilous to be investigated by the National Board of Revenue for an allegation of false VAT returns or import declarations. National Board of Revenue adhere strict measures and prosecutes businesses and individuals who fraudulently or negligently evade VAT or other duties. We provide intensive back up and assistance during such period of emergency with the aim to resolve the matters efficiently.

General Outline of our Consultancy Services

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