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Meet demands or face strike:
Saturday, 20 August, 2016 11:57pm  
Meet demands or face strike:
Correspondent : Association of workers and operators of petrol pumps and tanker trucks in the country today placed a 12 point demands to government including hiking sales commission.
The platform has also given a deadline for the government to meet their demands otherwise they threatened to go on a nation-wide work-abstention from August 28.
The announcement came at a press conference arranged by the Association held at a hotel in the capital today.
Convener of the association, MD Nazmul Haque, has read out a written-statement in this regard at that time.
'If our 12 point demands are not met within the deadline, we will stop all operations across the country, the convener also added.
He also said, 'Our demands have not been implemented for the last six years.'

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