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In Memoriam: The victims of August 15
Monday, 15 August, 2016 04:49am  
In Memoriam: The victims of August 15
Desk : The nation is observing the National Mourning Day, the day when Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of Independent Bangladesh, was assassinated, reports the UNB.
Bangabandhu was killed along with most of the members of his family, including wife and three sons, on the dark night in 1975, within only four years of independence.
Bangladeshis will continue to remember the day as the darkest period of its history as the carnage is one of the biggest losses the nation has ever suffered.
Some disgruntled army officers launched the attack at three locations, Mujib’s residence in Dhanmondi-32, nephew Sheikh Fazlul Haque Moni’s residence and brother-in-law Abdur Rab Serniabat’s Mintoo Road residence.
Victims of the August 15 bloodbath:
    Sheikh Mujibur Rahman – Erstwhile president of Bangladesh and Father of the Nation
   Sheikh Fazilatunnessa - Mujib’s wife and mother of current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She was reported to oppose anything that went against the interests of Bangladesh
    Sheikh Kamal - Mujib’s eldest son and versatile individual, who excelled in playing the sitar, a pace bowler in cricket and a staunch political activist.
   Sultana Kamal - Kamal’s wife, a Dhaka University alumnus and talented track and field athlete, who held several national level records in women’s long jump, some of which stood even forty years after her death
    Sheikh Jamal - Mujib’s second son, a freedom fighter like his brother, he was trained in military warfare at Sandhurst, the world’s top military training school
   Parveen Jamal Rosy - Jamal’s wife, and daughter of Bangabandhu's younger sister Khadeza Hossain. She was studying at Badrunnesa Ahmed College.
    Sheikh Russell - Mujib’s youngest son who was studying at Dhaka University Laboratory High School
    Sheikh Naser - Mujib’s younger brother and a renowned businessman in Khulna
    Siddikur Rahman - Officer of Special Branch assigned to Mujib’s residence
    Jamil Uddin Ahmed - Then-DGFI chief and Mujib’s Military Secretary, he was the first outsider to be killed by the rebel soldiers
    Syed Mahbubul Haque - Soldier guarding House 32
   Sheikh Fazlul Haque Moni - Mujib’s nephew and founding chairman of Awami Juba League. He was also the founding editor of Dainik Banglar Bani
    Arzu Moni - Moni’s pregnant wife, she sat for her MSS exams in political science in Dhaka University in 1975
    Abdur Rab Serniabat - Mujib’s brother-in-law, Bangabandhu appointed him agriculture minister in 1973. He had a significant role in reforms in agriculture
    Baby Serniabat – Serniabat’s daughter, she was a high school student of Dhaka University Laboratory High School
    Arif Serniabat – Serniabat’s son, he was a student of fourth grade at Dhaka University Laboratory High School
    Shaheed Serniabat – One of Serniabat’s nephew, he was working as the Barisal correspondent at Dainik Bangla
    Sukantu Babu - Son of Serniabat’s elder brother
    14 more were killed in Mohammadpur in a mortal attack

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