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Love Your Curves:Sonakshi Sinha
Friday, 1 May, 2015 10:29am  
Love Your Curves:Sonakshi Sinha
Fashion magazines love their cover girls skinny. But Vogue is being all daring by telling us "Love Your Curves" in its new issue. And its cover girl is none other than one of Bollywood's curvier heroines - Sonakshi Sinha. However, there is a problem.

You will probably struggle to spot any of the said curves on Sonakshi on the cover. While she isn't your regular waif-like supermodel this Sonakshi has either radically slimmed down or been photoshopped down. Or both. Either way hardly a ringing brand ambassador for loving our curves.
Sonakshi Sinha on the Vogue cover.
The cover picture is a close shot of Sonakshi, waist-up. She is clad in a cropped top, with just a sliver of her mid-riff visible. The centrespread has Sonakshi in a pair of high waist shorts and the same cropped top, nibbling on to a slice of watermelon.

However, ironically for an issue which is exhorting women to 'love' their curves, the photographs seem more intent on hiding them. One has a bed sheet bunched up near Sinha's abdomen, nearly hiding it and also partially covering up her thighs. Anyone with curves, or even an ordinary body, will know that one's waist, upper arms and thighs are popularly referred to as 'problem areas' because they tend to accumulate 'curves' more easily.

Now it's slightly unrealistic to expect that a fashion magazine will be comfortable with displaying a full-figured body in all its glory, but then it is equally dubious for them to urge women to embrace curves. Especially when - from the few promotional pictures they have put out - they don't seem very comfortable showing the curvy areas of the body.

In 2013, Vidya Balan was the cover girl for another issue that went with the same title 'love your curves'. On the cover picture Balan was seen wearing a sexy black lace dress with a lot of décolletage on display. However, she was made to wear a golden full-sleeved jacket over it, covering her arms. In 2011, shortly after Sinha's debut opposite Salman Khan, Vogue had put her on the cover, but the cover picture was a close-up of her face. In the pictures inside Sinha looked several sizes thinner than she was in real life. Some of the pictures, like this one, looked photoshopped to make sure she possessed a body with literally no curves!

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