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Jacqueline moves in a London wedding
Wednesday, 29 April, 2015 03:21pm  
Jacqueline moves in a London wedding
Bangladesh Time: Dancing at weddings isn’t anything new in Bollywood. From Shah Rukh Khan to Alia Bhatt, everyone shimmied on the stage at someone else’s wedding. Of course, they are paid a bomb for 2 to 10-minute performances at these dos and why not! They take out time from their busy schedules to entertain the wedding guests. They deserved it and so when reports of Jacqueline Fernandez charging 4 crore for a wedding dance surfaced, we weren’t surprised at all.

According to a daily, a businessman has decided to throw a lavish wedding of his son in the outskirts of London and nothing lavish is accomplished without some Bollywood finishings. So, he apparently approached Jacqueline to shake a leg at the wedding. The actress agreed and charged 4 crore! She is now busy accommodating the wedding in her schedule. In last couple of years, Jacqueline has managed to feature in a lot of racy dance numbers which have become chartbusters. It is easy to guess that she will be performing on all of them.

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