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Sonakshi Sinha chills in Maldives
Sunday, 26 April, 2015 05:49pm  
Sonakshi Sinha chills in Maldives
Actress Sonakshi Sinha was in Maldives for four days, and returned with 400 pictures! She has a penchant for photography and loves to travel as well. She had recently shared her travel bucket list and said that as a resolution, she would want to explore new places and different cultures.

A source says, “She believes the whole travelling experience helps her grow as a person and as an actor. She loves Goa because of its easy and chilled vibe and keeps going back. Apart from that, she wants to visit Kerala and Cochin for its beautiful beaches and immaculate landscape of blue and green.”
Says Sonakshi, “I love going to beaches because I love the ocean and spending hours snorkeling and indulging in water sports. Other than that I love walking around cities with rich histories, heritage and beautiful structures to see.”
We hear Bali, Morocco, Bahamas, Tokyo, Venice, Mykonos, Rome and Vatican City are next on her agenda.

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