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Tiger Shroff a phenomenal dancer!
Friday, 24 April, 2015 03:03pm  
Tiger Shroff a phenomenal dancer!
Bangladesh Time: There’s no doubt that Tiger Shroff is a phenomenal dancer. He takes over everything the minute he puts on his dancing shoes. But his latest outing will literally blow your mind! The young sensation has teamed up with Ahmed Khan and Atif Aslam for a spirited music video titled Zindagi Aa Raha Hu Mein. And here’s giving you a sneak peek at the kickass stuff in store for you!

For the first time, Tiger has tried dancing on a slippery floor with his spins and somersaults. While he looks quite at ease in the above pictures,  Tiger reveals how nervous he was before shooting this sequence. He says, “It was a real challenge to shoot this song because physically I have never pushed myself this hard. The steps were quite complex and we had a lot of shots on wet floors so the leaps and spins were slightly risky but thankfully we managed to pull it off.”

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